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Spirituality in Silat Martial Arts....

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Spiritual in Silat

Late Tuan Haji Anuar Abd. Wahab AMN (1945-2009) has wrote the article entitled "Silat itu Satu" or “Silat is One” in SENI BELADIRI magazine, September 2007, from the article it can be concluded that the spiritual knowledge of Malay Silat has been through four stages which take hundreds of years. Each stage of this spiritual knowledge led to change the overall result of the entry of religion, belief and philosophy of the Malay Archipelago.
At first, knowledge of Malay Silat spiritual tradition based on the belief in animism is the worship of trees, rocks and mountains by local people through sorcery practices. They believe the hidden power of our ancestors, curse, and worship. Practitioners will be wearing traditional mysticism amulet amulets of stone, wood, bone and the Raiders spell in the Malay language to show the relationship between the practitioner and the supernatural In addition, the amulet is worn for protection and assistance and protection from the hidden misery itself.
In stage two, the level that influence of Hinduism-Buddhism in the Malay Archipelago. Mysticism has been converted to the religion of just now. However, the practice of animism is still preserved and practiced, but is mixed with faith in the gods-goddesses, sacred, meditation, fasting, praying, yoga, sacred bath, astrologers, magic spells, and the belief in luck and transmission, using talismans amulets of iron, animal bones and skin.

At the third level is the influence of Islam in a variety of ways (as stated in the History of Malaysia). However, Islamic spiritual can’t be fully developed and connected to the heroism of knowledge of Islam as practiced by the Companions and the commander of the time of the Prophet of Islam in the Malay martial spiritual. This is caused by the invasion of the West who regard Islam is the enemy. At this level, spirituality is a mixed martial-Malay mix of old (animism and Hindu-Buddhist) in which practitioners believe in the power of God's compassion, but still practiced mysticism and the create a backup-backup to the angels, 'friends', perennial, demons, saints, sacred spirit of the commander, and the spirit of the animal (tiger, eagle, monkey, etc.) that can assist practitioners when difficult. Do 'semah' rings, bath oils, creating to spell the word knowledge of hindrance, tanks, subjugator, quick, affectionate, lock, ‘pelimun’, ‘petunang’,’pembisa’ and sedative.
The fourth stage is the influence of secularism as a religion as a private business and culture of no relation to worldly affairs. Martial arts and philosophy began to influence many thought that only a house with just a custom or practice of culture the same status as native dances while martial knowledge is knowledge that is used during the war to defend the homeland from external attack. Dance Native only used once as an aristocratic entertainment only and worse it is used or performed for the call, or the 'something'.
Human is made by a strong absolute physical strength, mental and spiritual (spiritual). It strengthens through the mind and spirit through the practice of yoga, breathing, energy, aura, magic, and the source of the practices of various religions, the teachings and beliefs. spiritual practitioner will be able to show exceptional ability for their practices with the critical break stones, break steel or ice cubes, lick the hot iron, burning the body, acid bath, eating glass, metal prick, hold sledge hammer with wood, rattan, bamboo, metal and others. If you open your eyes, there are several martial arts masters to return to see the practices of mysticism and to compete by offering a spiritual practitioner.
Islamic spiritual contribution to the knowledge of the Malay martialappears to have yet been carried out properly. However, some Malay Muslim scholars or Ulama’ who teach martial arts practitioner is aware that after leaving the practice of traditional Malay mysticism and Hindu-Buddhist influences. As a result of the vacancy occurred a spiritual space in warrior knowledge of Malay. To avoid the possibility of spiritual space above the spiritual and filled again, then immediately put down the Malay scholars of Islamic knowledge as well as maintain the spiritual practices of Malay culture which does not conflict with Islamic law. Science education began with the introduction of Islamic spiritual leaders of Islamic warrior as `Umar al Khattab, 'Ali bin Abi Talib, Sayyidina Hamzah Abdul-Muttalib, Khalid Al Walid, Tariq bin Zaid andProphet Muhammad SAW.
Therefore, pesilat (Silat Practitioner) can see Islam as a spiritual and knowledge to developing spiritual strength and physical as well as strengthen the practice of Islam includes matters relating to worship,faith, and building characteristic. Good faith can be nurtured with the knowledge of Islam newborn through spiritual exercise. All form of Islamic spiritual exercise like Aurad and wirid with all its excess provided and in accordance with the requirements of the filler is derived from the spiritual martial tarikat some flow from the flow of the Sunnah Wal Jamaah astarikat Ahmadiah, tarikat Muhammadiah tarikat Naqsyabandiah, tarikat Qadariah and others.
The results of the pesilat can see for themselves the greatness of Allah and the Malay scholars managed to fill the vacancy on the practice of mysticism in martial skills Malay Muslim spiritual good and clean.
It can be concluded that the practice of spirituality or mysticism in the Malay Silat revolutions face four of the belief in animism, Hindu-Buddhist influences, the influence of Islam and secularism. However, the influence of secularism not as strong influences of Malay Silat. Still, Islamic spiritual doesn’t fully extensive influence in Malay Silat spiritual. At present, many teachers and practitioners of mysticism mix-up the spiritual practices of Islam with the spiritual practices of the era and the era of Hindu-Buddhist animism that makes it illegal to Islamic Law.
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  1. Say to say,there is no mention of Wali Songo in the world of Silat,as if they never existed.

  2. Wali Songo is well knowned figure in Silat, but the emphasist is on the element.......

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