Friday, November 11, 2011

Sohbet by Maulana Shaykh Nazim al Haqqani (qs)

* * *

Brother: We are reading Risale-i Nur by Said Nursi.

Moulana: The time of reading Risale-i Nur has passed. No one understands it. I was in Istanbul. They called me, "those boys are having a meeting." I said, "I should go and look." I went there. There was a kursi (seat). They put a chair for us, we sat there. one person stood and read something from the book of Said Nursi Hadrat. Then, I saw that it is a heavy book, a book full of knowledge. It is not like what our young ones can understand. Then an Effandi came out, he was wearing trousers and jacket. They said, "this hoja Effandi, is the 40th." Is he the Ali Effandi, the 40th?

Brother: Mehmet Effandi, the 40th.

Moulana: Mehmed Effandi came out, to explain to them. I saw that, there is also no one there who can understnad what Mehmed Effandi explained. He said, "we are left out, not understood." Meaning, the books of Said Nursi Hadrat are deep books. When you say, Risale-i Nur, it is not an easy matter. Therefore, not everyone can read it. If he reads, the others fall asleep. Because who does not understand..what can he do? He falls asleep. Therefore the book we have..Your name is Mehmet?

Brother: Nail.

Moulana: Nail Effandi, the books we have for people to read on is Anwar ul Ashiqin, by Kara Dawood. Muzakkin Nufus (by Ashrafzada Abdullah Rumi). Kitab-i Mohammediye fil -kamalat-i Ahmadiyya (by Yazicizade Mehmed). There are 7 books that they are open to people. Beyond them, they don't understand. And when they don't understand, it has no use. It has no use..I am not saying Mohammadiyya because it is the book of Hojas. They can't manage - can't understand it. But the one who can read can also read it and can explain it. And the people listen.

Now, there is no one who can understand the books of Said Nursi Hadrat. What to do if there is no one to understand it? "O my brother, open your eyes. Your (shirt/jacket/trousers) is open? Close your front but open your eyes." MashaAllah he has books that can fill a library. Said Nursi Hadrat is a strong scholar. And he is from Tariqat. There cannot be knowledge without Tariqat. No! This is your mother?

Brother: She is my wife.

Moulana: This is his mother. Is your name Fatima?

Sister: Ramziya.

Moulana: Ramziya Hanim. You cut the beef. You put the onions. You put the tomatoes in it. You then put potatoes on it? Or you put the beans, whatever. If there is no heat does it cook? Knowledge without Tariqat is like this. They put everything.. what is missing? There is no heat to cook it.

Knowledge without Tariqat is not real knowledge. What they want to remove is Tariqat so that Islam may not advance. They will go down but Islam does not go down! May Allah bless you.

Put your hands. (Moulana gives bayyat) O our Lord, our oath is to be servants for You. The oath we have given is to be servants for You. Give us power to perform this servanthood, O our Lord. All those poor servants are left out like a car that ran out of gas. You have the order O our Lord. Give us power so that we can continue on the way of Your servanthood. Fatiha.
Are you leaving today?

Brother: InshaAllah, we will go to Nicosia. We will stay there one night and tomorrow we will return.

Moulana: To Malatya?

Brother: Yes, to Malatya.

Moulana: In Malatya there are a lot of good servants. There are lot of Salihin (good servants). Because these places were where sahabas passed by when they were going to join the Conquest of Istanbul; like Diyarbakir, like Malatya, like Urfa, like Mardin..they passed through them then turned up and come to Istanbul.

Brother: Yes, there is mount Beydagi in Malatya.

Moulana: Yes, there is. Therefore your place is abundant and rich.

Brother: It is the homeland of Battal Gazi.

Moulana: May Allah reveal his secret. Fatiha, for all the Holy ones. Only Allah knows how much time we have left but, we may follow the path that Allah Almighty has showed us. Other ways are no good for us.

This is the Encyclopaedia of Islam..Here they showed me the part about secularism and I read that part. This secularism is the garbage that all the Jews in Europe invented to ruin Islam. They already ruined Christianity but also to ruin Islam. And unfortunately, the leaders who rule us they say, "we are Muslim." Can a man be a Muslim and an unbeliever at the same time? What is secularism? It means unbelief. They don't say it's meaning openly. Secularism is unbelief. If you ask, they don't know it's meaning, they don't know the origin of the word. It is the Jews in Europe who wanted secularism, until they finally put it within the Ottoman state. They made the Great State fall down in 10 years. Now you are left out Kurdish, Turkish..

There is no Kurdish, Turkish. They are the ones who kept the Ottoman Empire standing on the East. Don't say "Kurdish." Your origin is Sasanian..Do you know your history? No. From the Sasanians to Selijuq Turks. From the Sasanians to Ayyubids. One person. He is Kermanshahi..Salahaddin Ayyubi Hadrat, he is the man who stopped all of Europe with his sword. And these low ones, secularists are insulting them! You were the nation that held the flag of Islam! No one says this. They put us under fire continuously. May they be under fire! Fatiha.

You can't hear these words anywhere else.

Brother: Allah bless you! May Allah give you a long, healthy life.

Moulana: But Sahibul Waqt is coming, Mahdi (as) is coming. You will be the first soldiers for him. Istanbul will be conquered.


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